As a woman in the film industry, I have been in the field of video production professionally for over 12 years in various roles ranging from teaching video production skills to working in the field of video production on shoots or in the studio. I have encouraged and rebranded many artists, professionals, and clients to rethink their brand. I have rekindled their passion for what is possible through the media arts. I believe strongly that as a woman, I can offer a perspective that is fresh and exciting. I am highly skilled in Final Cut Pro suites and Adobe products from using them on a daily basis for over 15 years. I brought that knowledge and drive with me and taught this to customers at Apple Inc as well as repaired their software and hardware. 

I am highly motivated in my career by being well versed with all of the latest and existing equipment, concepts, and tools used in this field. I can work at any level, with a team, or as a leader. I have reputation for being well organized and completing my projects before the deadline. When I started my career as an Intern in my family’s video production business I have since honed my skills by with working with many diverse companies and have many years of experience.

I have worked on small and mid-size productions ranging from photography to internal business commercials for such outstanding companies as: Safeway Corp., Apple Inc, Ruptley.Tv, Re/Max, and Upstaging Inc.  I have produced my own short films, documentaries, and music videos with great success. I have exceeded customer expectations by delivering results with great videos for my clients. I look forward to working with you.